About the Project

The project “Mestres da Dança” is a meeting of dancers, teachers, entrepreneurs and admirers of the art of the dance. The goal is to share the knowledge and pay tribute to a ballet teacher chosen based on experience, participation andimportance in the dance field of Brazil and the world.

The first edition of the event happened on 27th May 2017, under the command of Ady Addor, acclaimed ballet master and internationally renowned brazilian ballerina.

We know that it is extremely important and necessary that the cultural incentive in Brazil has as its main appeal the disclosure and recognition to our artists. When we speak about dance, this need is amplified.

Brazil has its importance at the history in Dance, and it is not by chance that we are one of the biggest talent exporters to the Dance Companies around the world.

Some of our honored were once great dancers who were successful and are part of the Memorabilia of international Dance companies. Many of them are referenced in magazines, galas, books and documentaries in various parts of the world.

We need to rescue the importance of these masters so that Brazil will be able to know and recognize the value of its art and history.

We believe that initiatives like this, that feature and represent our Dance Teachers, may open new paths generating big opportunities to everyone involved.

Mestres da Dança

Producers: Adriana Ventura / Patrícia Nagao / Espaço 10×21

Artistic Staff: Eliana Caminada and Cleusa Fernandez

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